Who Makes Scotts Lawn Mowers?

There are currently two manufacturers that manufacture most of Scotts lawn mowers: American Lawn Mower Company and John Deere. American Lawn Mower Company produces the reel mowers, and John Deere produces their riding lawn mower as well as electric and gas-powered lawn mowers. They are the leading manufacturers, so your investment will be worth it for sure. You may check the Scotts lawn mower reviews if you are looking for a perfect lawn mower.

The Evolution of Scotts Lawn Mowers

The Scotts have been in the game from the very beginning of our relationship with lawn. Orlando McLean Scott founded the company in the late 19th century. Initially, they came up with a solution for the golf courses to remove weed seeds from grass seeds. Then the rest is the history. Now they produce a variety of lawn mowers for modern lawn caring.

In 1928, the company introduced its flagship product “Scotts Turf Builder”, the first fertilizer of its kind specially developed for lawns. The product surely helped the company to grow. And by the 1950s, Scotts became a household brand owing to the growth of the suburbs and the focus on healthy lawns that came with it.

Fast forward to the 1970s, when the company was bought by the then technology giant ITT. With the more aggressive marketing strategy, Scotts began licensing his name to a variety of lawn mower manufacturers. And they eventually chose John Deere and the American Lawn Mower Company.

Now the company offers a variety of lawn mowers, including hand-operated, electric, and gas-powered lawn mowers (both push and self-propelled), riding lawn mowers as well as zero-turn mowers.

Where are Scotts Lawn Mowers Made?

The Scotts employees have gone to great lengths to find companies that make lawnmowers that they’ll label with the Scotts label. And they found two that fitted well. As a result, John Deere manufactures their electric mowers in a variety of locations across the United States, including Waterloo Iowa, Augusta Georgia, Greeneville Tennessee, and Horicon Wisconsin. On the other hand, the American Lawn Mower Company manufactures their hand-operated lawnmowers at their Shelbyville, Indiana factory.

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