Prepare your lawn for winter (before, the peak of winter & after)

Winter is arriving soon so you are highly concerned about caring for your lawn, right? Basically, lawn care in winter is completely different from caring for your yard or lawn in other seasons.

Well, you need to take some preparation for the upcoming winter to keep your lawn always perfect. In this article, I am going to cover: lawn care before winter, lawn care during winter, and lawn care just after winter. Let’s explore the tips to keep your lawn always excellent. 

What to do before winter to keep your lawn perfect?

Lawn care before winter

Here are the 5 most effective tips that you can implement before winter to keep your lawn excellent. In fact, these are the preparation for the upcoming winters.

1. Make your lawn nutrient with the fallen leaves.

The fallen leaves can provide nutrients to a lawn, however, they can harm the grass of your lawn if they are left unattended. Basically, the leaves can be used for composting once they have been removed from your lawn. And you can remove the leaves from your lawn by using a rake or a leaf blower. However, you can also use a mulching lawn mower.

2. Use a compost pile for insulation in the lawn or garden.

When collecting leaves, add them to plant clippings, class pruning, sawdust, fruits, vegetables, etc. in your compost heap. You have to avoid inorganic materials or plants that have been treated with pesticides. Well, the compost can protect your garden or that of your customers by keeping it nutrient-rich during the entire winter season.

3. Aerate your lawn in the late fall

You can rent a core aerator from many home garden stores for a relatively inexpensive rental fee. Irrigate the lawn a couple of days before your aerate. After you aerate the lawn, you can then use the compost you’ve collected to fill in the holes left by aerating.

The lawn aerator is a very effective tool to improve the circulation of air, nutrients, and water through the soil of your lawn. You may rent an aerator or buy one for yourself. I think it’s better to buy a good one to take care of your lawn prior to the upcoming winter. Once you have aerated your lawn, you need to fill holes of your lawn with the collected compost.

4. Plant your lawn at least before 1 month of the Winter

Fall is surely a great time to plant grasses for the cool season. If you seed your lawn in the late fall, then you will get a green and healthy lawn in Spring. Moreover, it will prevent your lawn from losing excessive grass. If your lawn is small, then you can plant it yourself by hand. However, you need a lawn spreader to seed if your lawn is large enough.

5. Make the grass of your lawn smaller in the winter

You should keep the grass on your lawn smaller throughout the winter season. So adjust the cutting blade at the lowest position while mowing the lawn finally prior to the winter. This prevents your lawn from being a secure place for mice and other harmful insects.

What to do during winter to keep your lawn perfect?

Lawn care during winter

Here are some of the important things to do during winter to take care of your lawn.

Keeping Your Lawn or Yard Clean

There is a possibility that your lawn could get messed up with the fallen leaves during fall. The fallen leaves also get wet too, which can lead to cause some diseases. So removing the fallen leaves as soon as possible would be a wise decision that you have to take.

The leaves can be a source of nutrients in your lawn if they are not so thick and wet. You just need to mulch the leaves with your lawn mower into dime-sized pieces to recycle the nutrients back into your lawn. But you have to remove the wet and thick leaves by raking them from your lawn.

It’s also better to take the lawn furniture and other belongings away from your lawn. You can store them in your garage or a storeroom.

Avoid Walking on the Lawn

The grass on your lawn may become weak in winter. That’s why you should avoid walking through your lawn during winter. In fact, it’s always better to use the sideways or walkways to move from your home. However, do not forget to keep your walkways always clean. You can clean your concrete sidewalks or patio with or without a pressure washer.

Keeping the Snow & Ice Away from Your Lawn

You must try to keep your patio (walkways, driveways, and sidewalks) clear of ice and snow for safer movement. Snow & ice Melter is one of the effective options to make this job done. A powerful snow blower also can be a game-changer to get the optimal performance while removing snow.

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